The first city builder on avalanche

We are sorry to announce to the community that for reasons beyond our control after months of hard work… just before the sale of our unique house collections (NFTs), the project must be put on hold. We will come back to you when it’s revived or when a new partner takes it over. 

If you are interested in the project you can contact us:


 Build, Produce & Earn

AVAXLAND is a Play to Earn city builder that allows the Avalanche community to build a city with a dynamic economy. Will you become a real estate tycoon or a rich commodity producer?


Wood is used for the building evolution system and the construction of monuments


The electricity generated is used for building maintenance


Your house generates Rent tokens which can be staked to earn a share of the game’s fee redistribution


Show your prestige and generate Rent tokens by building unique monuments

EVOLVE your house

Each house is unique and has 6 levels of evolution. The last 2 levels will be revealed Q1 2022 !


A nice little wooden cabin not very resistant and not well insulated


A nice little house, not very big but good for a small family


A beautiful home that is the pride of the neighborhood


A nice little building


Unveiled Q1 2022


Unveiled Q1 2022

Game Features

Some features of the game

10000 plots

6000 plots (on 10k) will be available for sale at the launch of the game. There are several types of plots that influence the productivity of the factories

A truly dynamic economy

Mechanisms are put in place so that players have to participate in an active way in the game economy and not only speculate

An evolution system for buildings

The building evolution system requires people to build their house or factory at level 1 and then evolve it with wood if they don’t have the copy of the level above.

Community oriented

We want to listen to our community. Organize events and add new buildings & Monuments  to the game

Rent tokens

Rent tokens are generated by the houses & monuments. A house with a high level generates more Rent tokens. Rent tokens can be sold on the market or staked to get a part of the redistribution of the game fees.

Random disasters

Random events can disrupt the economy of the game. Making the game more realistic

Join & Follow the COmmunity

Join us on our social networks to follow the progress of the game development and keep you informed of upcoming events


We want to promote the Avalanche ecosystem through our game and partnerships.
Partnerships will be announced soon.


The important steps of our project

December 2021 - Founder Edition sale on Kalao

First sale that will allow to obtain financing for the development. Buyers of the unique collectible houses will be able to build them in-game and get the Rent token airdrop at the game’s release.

Q1 2022 - Launch of a game IDO

IDO that will allow a small portion of the Rent tokens to be distributed equitably within the community to obtain additional funding. We also hope to secure several partnerships with different players in the Avalanche ecosystem. 

Q2 2022 - Expected release for the game

We hope to release the game by the end of Q2 2022. In the meantime we want to create community events for possible new unique monument sales.

*Please note that the quality of the images presented does not necessarily represent the final quality and some buildings or structures presented may be different.
*Some of the features described here may be changed or removed during the development of the game.

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